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Describe each tool and the population for which it might be useful.

 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that examines assessment tools that evaluate physical measures, and how applying Watson’s theory of human caring integrates the mind-body-spirit dimensions. This paper must demonstrate your knowledge of tools that expand the abilities of nurses to assess and evaluate clients in various stages of health, illness, stress, and life.

  • State the three assessment tools you selected.
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  • Describe each tool and the population for which it might be useful.
  • State data about each tool, such as cost, length, the ease in using the tool, for what populations it is best designed, and the validity of information.
  • Describe how this tool enhances the assessment phase of the nursing process and affects the quality of health care delivered by the nurse.
  • Apply these tools to the vulnerable population from the Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper.
  • Cite at least four references.

Adult Life Stress Measurement

Beck Depression Inventory

  • Calgary Family Assessment ModelDaily Hassles ScaleDysfunctional Attitude ScaleFamily Hardiness IndexHassles and Uplifts InventoryHealth Self-Determination Index (HSDI)Index of Core Spiritual ExperiencesPerceived Stress ScaleSocial Support QuestionnaireSpiritual Perspective ScaleState-Trait Anxiety InventoryWays of Coping Questionnaire
  • Well Being Picture Scale
  • Stress Warning Signals Inventory
  • Spiritual Well-Being Scale
  • Spiritual Involvement & Beliefs Scale
  • Schoolager’s Coping Strategies Inventory
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  • Mini-Mental State Exam
  • Health Self-Determination Index for Children (HSDI-C)
  • Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile (HLPL-II)
  • Feetham Family Functioning Survey
  • Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scale
  • Derogatis Stress Profile
  • Coping Resources Inventory for Stress


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