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Define, identify, and assess clinical microsystems

Define, identify, and assess clinical microsystems.

ourse Objectives Met by this Case Analysis:

1.            Define, identify, and assess clinical microsystems

2.            Summarize strengths and improvement opportunities

3.            Utilize the Dartmouth Microsystem Improvement Curriculum to support improvement

4.            Identify leadership actions that support front line improvement

Program Outcome Met By This Assignment

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1.            Synthesize and apply theories and conceptual models from nursing and other related disciplines to facilitate clinical practice decision making

2.            Integrate the use of communication skills, information systems, and standardized language in relation to clinical outcomes and continuous performance measures

3.            Develop collaborative interdisciplinary relationships and partnerships to improve the health care of the cohort population


Students will read and reflect upon the case study presented below.  Carefully read and review the information in the case study, and then reflect in a narrative upon the needs of the patient and the processes that must be in place surrounding this acute illness for a smooth and seamless transition for everyone involved.  Construct a voice-over PowerPoint presentation consisting of a minimum of 12 slides (including your title and reference slides) that will include the following information:

1.            Priority care needs of the patient at the center of the case study

2.            Priority care needs of the family care providers

3.            The disruption that this acute illness has caused for the patient, family members, and clinical microsystem

4.            The experiential features of acuity that are apparent in this case

5.            The elements that the clinical microsystem must possess in order to meet this patient’s care needs

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6.            Potential barriers that may exist and must be managed in order to provide 

Define, identify, and assess clinical microsystems


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