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As the new sheriff, you must decide your department’s policy on a range of controversial issues. Many of these issues are handled differently from one department to the next.

For this discussion, explain how you would decide each of the following issues and be sure to discuss why you support your position. Because there are arguments on both sides of each of these issues, you should research each issue and consider all sides before committing to a position:

  • Body cameras: Should all deputies in your department be required to wear body cameras while on duty?
  • Gratuities: Should deputies be allowed to accept gratuities while on duty, such as a free cup of coffee or a discounted meal?
  • Moonlighting: Should deputies be allowed to work part time, in uniform, while off duty (such as checking identification at a bar or providing security at a concert)?
  • Some jurisdictions have a rule that their police officers must reside within the city or county that they work for. Is this a good idea? What are some of the benefits or drawbacks of such a policy?

Justify the stances you take by citing specific research and events.


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