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Computer Science homework help

Review the guidelines on the attached file then prepare a PowerPoint presentation on one of the topics below. Use the material located in the GO! with Computer Concepts textbook as well as searching online for information. Save your file as Your Name Midterm Exam.

1. Cloud Computing or One Drive: Either provide an overview of cloud computing or provide steps illustrating how to use your campus-provided OneDrive account.

2. Microsoft Sway.

3. Web versus Internet: Explain the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet.

4. Computer technology jobs: Provide an overview of the types of career opportunities available within the field of computer technology.

5. Explain some of the basic concepts associated with building a Website.

6. The history of computers.

7. The evolution of smartphone technology.

8. Present the main features and concepts associated with a Windows 10 operating system.

9. Differentiate between a server and a client in a network setting.

10. Explain how a computer’s various hardware components work, both independently and together.

11. Digital security risks associated with viruses and other malware.

12. How society uses technology in education, government, health care, publishing, manufacturing, or business (choose 1).

13. Describe the relationship among the web, webpages, websites, and web servers.

14. Differentiate between an operating system and applications.

                           You must adhere to the following criteria:

· Review the attached Do’s and Don’ts file

· The presentation must contain a minimum of eight slides to include a title slide, at least six content slides, and a summary slide at the end

· Create an appropriate title on the title slide for the presentation, include your name, course title, and midterm exam

· Apply an appropriate theme to the presentation

· Use slide layouts that will effectively present the content

· Keep in mind the 7 x 7 rule: use a maximum of seven lines of text per slide and not more than seven words per line

· Modify text alignment and line spacing as necessary

· Include at least two pictures/clip art in the presentation; apply a picture style or picture effect to each picture

· Apply a picture to one slide background OR make another format background change to the one slide

· Include at least one shape object; apply styles

· Include WordArt on at least one slide

· Include a SmartArt Graphic on at least one slide

· Animate text or object on at least one slide

· Add a footer to all slides except for the title slide that includes page numbers and your first and last name

· Apply a slide transition to all slides

· Save the presentation as “Your Name Midterm Exam.”

· Upload the file via the link in Blackboard for grading.

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