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  • Use the star schema developed in Portfolio Milestone 1 – Option 1 in Module 3; incorporate your instructor’s feedback.
  • Use the tables created in Portfolio Milestone 2 – Option 1 in Module 5; incorporate your instructor’s feedback.

Develop and execute the SQL commands to populate the fact and dimension tables by extracting data from the Northwind OLTP database and loading the data into the tables within the Northwind Data Warehouse. Your ETL workflow should consist of selecting the required variables from the source database and tables and inserting the required variables into the destination database and tables. After you have populated the tables, construct an SQL command to count the number of rows in each table. Capture a screenshot of the row count for each table. Finally, construct an SQL command to list the first ten rows of each table. Capture a screenshot of each listing.
Your deliverable for this Portfolio Project is a report containing the following information:

  • Changes to your business process, business questions, and fact table grain from Module 5
  • Updated version of the star schema incorporating your instructor’s feedback from Module 5
  • Screenshots of the row counts and table listings
  • Listing of SQL commands used in this assignment
  • A brief description of lessons learned in completing the Portfolio Project and the two Milestones. Based on your lessons learned, what advice would be offer to an organization embarking on building a data warehouse system?


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