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File submission: MS PowerPoint 2016 Practical Exam – Characters in the evolution of computers
Objective of the activity  Through this activity the student will develop a presentation with the following characteristics:  “Theme” different “layouts” (additional to Title Slide “and Title and Content” Elements such as: text, images, audio or video transition movements to “slides” and animation movements in text and images Header Comply with the 10/20/30 rule Meets the 1/7/7 rule Using the note area
Instructions  Before doing the exercise, access the resources, including the tutorials. This activity is graded only once. The activity is individual.  The purpose of this activity is for the student to develop a presentation using MS PowerPoint.
What are we going to do?  For the MS PowerPoint exam they must create the presentation on the Personalities in the Evolution of Computers material. How are we going to do the activity?  Read the instructions and the evaluation criteria. Access the application to create presentations. Create templates with the text given for each one. Remember the 10/20/30 and 1/7/7 rules. Apply “background” to the entire presentation. Add images and / or photos. Apply transition movements in the “slides” and animation movement in text and graphics. Once the presentation is developed, save the final document on your computer with the title of the selected poem. The name of the document should include your name, for example: Characters in Modern Evolution – Maria Olivero.  Check that your presentation meets the evaluation criteria stated in the rubric.

The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammatical errors. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content (now Urkund).


Basic review resource
Microsoft. (2019). Tips for creating and presenting an effective presentation. Retrieved from



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