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Informative Essay Final Draft on OBAMA
Due: Sunday, October 3 2020
To begin, review the feedback provided for your submitted introduction paragraph. Next, make the suggested changes and develop a 3-page  informative essay typed in MLA Format that proves your thesis statement (last sentence in the introduction paragraph). Please note: the works cited page is page three!!
Please make sure your essay includes the following:

  • MLA Format Throughout (Size 12 Font, Times New Roman, Double Spacing, Title, Heading, and Page Numbers)
  • Strong Thesis Statement (Start with a transitional word or phrase–last sentence in the introduction paragraph)
  • Start each body paragraph with a transitional word or phrase and include text support in at least 3 body paragraphs, per MLA Format
  • Topic sentences that support the thesis statement and supporting details in each body paragraph
  • Start the conclusion paragraph with a transitional word or phrase and summarize the main points within the essay
  • No use of, ” I”  “You”, or “We”
  • No contractions

Finally, please remember to proofread your submission!
No late submissions !!!!


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