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Complete Module #9 Class Discussion

reparation for assignment:

  • Module #9 Notes
  • Complete Module #9 Class Discussion

Skills to be gained:

  • Writing a brief research paper.
  • Trying out our skills
  • Drafting—Finding weaknesses, to make improvements in the next draft

Assignments and Schedule:

Prior to the class  à

  • Read Module #9 notes.
  • No slide shows for this Module

Complete by Wednesday

  • Post Module #9 Class Discussion à Briefly explain what will be in the first section of your paper & Reply to one group member’s reply.
    • In your Discussion à
      • Explain what the Draft of the first section of your Research Paper is about. What is the question and what sort of information will be included?
      • Do you have enough information to support each BP? Do you need to do more research?
      • Will you be able to synthesize most of your body paragraphs?  Do you have authors that you can bring together in each of the body paragraphs?
    • Then, Reply to at least one posting in your study group à
      • Do you understand this explanation of what your peer’s Draft of the first section of her/his Research Paper is about?
      • Make helpful suggestions to each other.

Submit draft of the first section of the Research Paper assignment via Bb Safe Assign in Module #9 – DUE Saturday 6pm:

Include the following with this assignment à

  • Cover Page with paper title
  • Draft with Two – Three pages — Containing the following:
    • Introductory paragraph identifying the main research question and the focused sub question which this paper will address. Be sure to explain to the reader the connection between these questions.
    • 3 – 5 SCCUDy BPs
    • Concluding paragraph summarizing the answer to the sub question addressed in the introduction.
  • BPs should include the following à
    • Unified BPs à Use a topic sentence [TS] in every BP. This identifies the theme of the BP.
    • Coherent BPs
    • Developed BPs
    • SYNTHESIZED BPs—include two different sources in each BP.
      1. click here for more information on this paper
    • Cite often.
  • Be sure to Proofread your paper for à
    • grammatical errors
    • sentence sense
    • Unified paragraphs
    • Coherent paragraphs
  • APA formatted References page. On a separate page.  Use “Page break” command in WORD to accomplish this.  Go to “Insert” and then “Page Break”



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