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Choose a specific age group (infant, or toddler or preschooler or school age or adolescent).

opic of report: The social and emotional wellbeing of the Australian child / adolescent.

? Choose a specific age group (infant, or toddler or preschooler or school age or adolescent).

? Write the report for the nursing profession that highlights the issue, its contributing factors the impact on the family and recommendations for nursing practice.

? Students are expected to make recommendations for nursing practice based on their research that are aligned to health promotion and prevention of health issues.

? Use the structure provided on vUWS to construct the report.

? Consult your campus coordinator or workshop lecturer if you are unclear about what you have to do.




Disscussion questions. At least 150-
200 words each with references.

1Identify one area of nursing research
that has improved patient outcomes. State the study and its impact on patient care. How have these
findings changed your nursing practice?

2What similarities and differences can
you identify between the nursing process and the research process? Explain your

research is used to study a dilemma or a problem in nursing. Examine a problem
you have seen in nursing. Why should it be studied? Justify your rationale.


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