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Choose a causal claim in your field

Write a causal argument essay.

Your thesis statement and your essay should deal with an uncertain cause (rather than facts with which few people could disagree),a surprising cause, or an uncertain or suprising consequence. Write an essay explaining interesting, unexpected, or unusual causes or results of an event or action.Your thesis will state the cause or effect, and the essay will support this with evidence.Choose a thesis that is a judgment rather than a fact. Remember that facts cannot be thesis statements in argumentative writing.Say something new! Persuade your audience.Follow the Basic Outline from the notes.

Length Requirement: four full pages (the WCP does not count toward this)

Choose a causal claim in your field

that you know well already,that is important and interesting to you,that is in your field (e.g., if you are majoring in education, you might choose something like shootings on campus or the No Child Left Behind Act. If you are majoring in nursing, you might choose right to die or the effects of the Affordable Health Care Act.),and for which you can take a reasonable and respectful stand.

You must

make a judgment (not merely present an indisputable fact!)and attempt to persuade your readers to agree.

See Basic Requirements and Rubric for vital details.

See the Causal Argument Notes for more information.

Notes: Causal Arguments

Cause and Effect Essay

Words and Phrases That Indicate Causal Claims

Use these to make the causal claim clear.

due toresults inleads tocomes fromis the result ofcausesis the effect of

Your thesis must make a clear causal claim that is not an established fact. Introduce your audience to a new idea.

To Avoid Sweeping Statements That Are False, Unreasonable, or Difficult to Prove, Use Qualifiers:



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