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Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs announced he was taking a leave of absence for health reasons. Jobs has been fighting cancer and also recently underwent a liver transplant. Even though the computer giant is in good hands with Chief Operating Officer Tom Cook taking over the stock price fell by​ US$6.40, or nearly two​ percent, on the news.
Jobs is widely known as a visionary and a micromanager. Under his leadership Apple has transformed the computing industry. While​ Jobs’ health outlook is unknown many investors are betting on his recovery and return. Those who bought Apple stock when Jobs stepped down in 2004 for health reasons made a nice profit when he returned to the helm.
Question   2 Marks
“When a financial manager makes good or bad financial decisions the impact of these decisions will be reflected in the​ company’s Stock price”.
Do you agree with the decision taken in the above case? What decisions you will take to improve the stock price of Apple Computers in this situation?
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