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Assignment Content

  1. Review the Wk 2 Resources.

    Select 1 of the economic concentrations (clusters) below:

    • Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia, WA aerospace / defense industry
    • Central California winemaking industry
    • Hollywood movie industry
    • Silicon Valley Technology hub
    • Texas / Louisiana Gulf Coast crude oil and natural gas production and refining
    • Pre-1994 vs Post-1994 US auto and light truck production and the reasons for the change in economic concentration
    • Write a 700-word paper evaluating economists’ assessments of the role the 4 factors of production played in determining how the economic concentration you selected has evolved. Complete the following in your paper:
    • Analyze how the economic concentration in the area you chose was influenced by competition and pricing.
    • Analyze how the economic concentration in the area you chose influenced the supply chain.
    • Analyze which of the 4 factors of production were the most and least important in determining the economic concentration of the area you chose.
    • Predict changes you anticipate for the area of economic concentration you chose. Support your predictions.
    • Consider the resources provided and other academically appropriate sources. The use of charts and tables to illustrate data is highly encouraged.

      Cite at least 2 academically credible sources.

      Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


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