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Please choose ONE of the FIRST TWO questions to answer, and then answer question 3.  Your total answer should be around a page or so.  (Just to be clear: I’m asking for a total of two answers in this RRP.)
1.  Summarize in your own words Schwartz’s proposal for “career and family women.”  Do you agree with it?  Briefly explain.  (You may want to discuss one of the criticisms of this proposal made by Ehrenreich and English – either way, make sure to assess Schwartz’s proposal in your own words.)
reading is attached
2.  In her essay, Anita Superson defends what she calls the “controversial” view that “only men can sexually harass women” and not the other way around.  What – in a nutshell – is her argument on this point?  Do you agree with her?  Briefly explain.
3.  What, in brief, is Tibor Machan’s view about truth in advertising?  (I.e. what is his view, and what is his main reason in support of this view? You do not need to summarize the entire essay or itemize everything he says – just identify his main point and basic reasoning in support of it.) Do you agree?  Briefly explain.



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