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Biology homework help

Write a paper compiling all your discussions on Covid-19 during the semester to include Covid-19 and ACE-2 and make sure to address the following 5 points
1. Covid-19 symptoms and how it is affecting the African American community (include statistics). (10 points)
2. ACE-2, what it does in the body and how it has been found to relate to Covid-19. How does being female vs male, or African American play a role in all this to explain disparity in Covid-19 disease (50 points)
3. A possible way to treat Covid-19 by inhibiting ACE-2. (20 points)
4. Make sure to include in-text citations using any scientific format that you have seen in a scientific journal. (10 points)
5. Grammar (10 points)
The best place to look up citations is in Pubmed that deposits all scientific research in the world. It can be found at (Links to an external site.)
Upload your paper here often to check for plagiarism way before the deadline. More than 20% plagiarism will result in an automatic ‘0’.


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