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Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Report on scientific ethics
Goal – Learn about a scientific ethical issue in more detail
Project – Profile an ethical dilemma or historical ethical blunder in a referenced 500 word report.

  • Profiling a current ethical dilemma
    • What is the scientific background for the issue? ~200 words
    • Why does this issue pose an ethical dilemma? ~200 words
    • In your opinion, is there a ‘correct’ side of the ethical debate? ~100 words


  • Profiling a historical ethical blunder
    • Who were the main parties involved? ~100 words
    • What ethically questionable thing(s) occurred and over what time span? ~150 words
    • What happened afterwards? ~150 words
    • In your opinion, are we at risk of repeating our mistakes? ~100 words
  • Word count does not include bibliography.
  • References must be incorporated into the text so that it is clear what each reference refers to
  • References must be present for every sentence which is not common knowledge

Grading – Worth a boost of up to 1% in the overall grade (equivalent to a 10% boost on an exam)
Content Requirements and Grading Rubric
Report Content (out of 100 points)
Formatting, grammar, spelling – 20 points
References (at least 4) – 20 points
Content – 60 points
References should be done in MLA style with a complete bibliography on a separate slide. In text references should be a superscript number (1) with references numbered in the order in which they     appear (2). Some statements may be referenced in more than one source (1,2).
Scientific sources can be found on PubMed or Google Scholar. Look for the lesson on scientific literacy later this quarter! A handy website for creating a bibliography –
1 – First reference
2 – Second reference
Nuremberg Code of EthicsThis may prove helpful to you in your ethical study

  1. Required is the voluntary, well-informed, understanding consent of the human subject in a full legal capacity.
  2. The experiment should aim at positive results for society that cannot be procured in some other way.
  3. It should be based on previous knowledge (e.g., an expectation derived from animal experiments) that justifies the experiment.
  4. The experiment should be set up in a way that avoids unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injuries, except, in experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
  5. It should not be conducted when there is any reason to believe that it implies a risk of death or disabling injury.
  6. The risks of the experiment should be in proportion to (that is, not exceed) the expected humanitarian benefits.
  7. Preparations and facilities must be provided that adequately protect the subjects against the experiment’s risks.
  8. The staff who conduct or take part in the experiment must be fully trained and scientifically qualified.
  9. The human subjects must be free to immediately quit the experiment at any point when they feel physically or mentally unable to go on.
  10. Likewise, the medical staff must stop the experiment at any point when they observe that continuation would be dangerous.

Sample current issues
Genetically engineered foods
Genetically modified people
Data privacy in the age of genomic sequencing
Sample historical issues
Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments
Nuremberg trials and human experimentation
Compulsory sterilization in the US
This is just a short list – please feel free to choose any topic you are interested in. Just check with me first.

Biology homework help


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