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250 words each question with one APA source and intext citation.
1.    Even where it is legally permissible, should employers adopt English-only policies? What are some practical alternatives? Reflect on this scenario. A major University has advertised for a non-research lecturer position in its Economics Department. When they evaluate the applicants, one resume clearly stands out as excellently qualified. When the applicant came in for an interview, she is asked to complete a questionnaire with a number of open ended questions prior to the actual interview. The questionnaire was extremely well answered and evidenced perfect grammar, perfect penmanship and perfect spelling. The answers were lucid and well thought out. Unfortunately, during the interview most in the department had trouble understanding the candidate due to her extremely heavy Nigerian accent. If the university hires someone else, has the university violated any discrimination laws?
2.    Is it fair that employers can permanently replace economic strikers? Does the right to strike mean much if striking employees are subject to permanent replacement? Reflect on this week’s readings regarding unions. Choose a side. Are you in favor or against unions in the workplace? Why? Provide any professional experiences with unions (directly or indirectly).
A human resource manager offers the following advice regarding terminations:
-Tell them that they are going to be fired immediately, but that you will let them resign instead so that it will look better for future employment.
-It’s important to be decisive. Once you decide that a termination must occur, don’t waste any time carrying it out.
-It is better to not provide any specific reason for the termination, since you want to leave your options open if there is a legal challenge.
-Don’t allow terminated employees to hold you up for severance pay.
-Remind employees that their benefits cease along with their employment and that they should make alternative plans for things like health insurance.
-It is very important to get terminated employees to sign waivers of legal claims against you. Give them a few days to think it over. You can offer to pay their final check immediately if they sign the waiver.
What, if any, legal problems do you see with this advice? What would be better advice?
Reflect on employee retaliation.  On occasion, disgruntled former and current employees use various means to level criticism against their former or current employer. Research employee retaliation cases on the web. Discuss your case and its findings.  What can an employer do to prevent this from happening?



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