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Article writing homework help

Page Length: 5-7 pages

Minimum number of paragraphs: 6 or more paragraphs

Format: MLA format

Documentation: Include in-text citations and a Works Cited, formatted to MLA standards

This assignment should represent your original thinking.  Any summary or analysis that you include in this assignment must be your own; please do not use any outside sources for summary or analysis even with citation as this paper is not a research assignment. 

Moreover, using outside sources word-for-word or paraphrased without citation constitutes plagiarism.  The purpose of this class is to receive feedback on and improve your writing, but if the writing is not yours, then the feedback you receive from your peers and me is meaningless. Plagiarized assignments will earn a zero grade.

In a well-developed essay, please respond to one of the following topic:

Write a character analysis of Walter, examining his character in light of traditional gender roles.  How does Walter attempt to maintain his masculinity?  What forces or circumstances thwart his attempts?  Is he ultimately able to assert his masculinity?  Why or why not?


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