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Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help

Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help. (Not less than total 550 words total) Submit (only) one MS Word document or PDF file using (instructions for creating the account available in the previous announcements). In this assignment, proper citation is critical and will affect your grades. Please use APA format. Originality is very important for all the assignments. 0-  Conductaresearchonthesuccessfactorsforgamesandmobileapps. 1-  Inyourownwordsandbasedonyourresearch,pleaseexplainwhysomegamesor mobile applications become so popular/successful? Mention at least 10 influential factors. Use citations. (Not less than 3 paragraphs=at least 150 words) 2-  Pleaselistyourtopthreefavoritemobileapps/games?Whydoyoulikeeachofthem? (at least 50 words) 3-  Selectasuccessfulmobileapplication/game(Inthissectionofthequestion,assumethat success is defined by the number of users). Please conduct a quick research on the information related to the app/game you selected (e.g., search for information regarding the name of app publisher company, CEO of the company, year founded, reason for success, etc.). Report a summary of the information you found. What is the key factor for success for this company? 4-  Utilizeatleasttwooftheconceptsyouhavelearnedsofarinthiscourse (environmental factors, ethics, planning, strategy, innovation, change, etc.) to explain the success factors of the app/game you suggested above. In other words, create connections between your responses to the previous questions (above) and the concepts you’ve learned so far in this course. (at least 350 words)

Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help


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