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Annual Spring Blitzat our hospital,

 175 word response also with source APA required

Response 2

The hours spent researching and evaluating data will serve little purpose if we do not share our findings with others. Many methods exist that help us in sharing our project with stakeholders both within and outside the hospital system. Sharing our work also helps provide legitimacy and it is important that we share it with others, so they can evaluate and utilize the information for themselves.

Two methods I have personally used in the past include poster presentations and speaking engagements at seminars. The poster presentation was used at was called the Annual Spring Blitzat our hospital, where department come together to share updates and educate staff on programs within their departments. This is an example of internal method of dissemination because the focus group were staff members within the institution. At the time I was part of a growing transport team, and we had posters and set up a mock scenario that helped staff to know what we would be doing and expecting during a transport. Hanrahan, Marlow, Aldrich and Hiatt (2010), suggest that poster presentations have three panels; Panel one describing background, problem and purpose, panel two demonstrating what was done or methodology, and panel three showing findings and implications. The panels should “tell a story” and be a combination of text and graphics.

The speaking engagement was for an outside audience and was utilized to facilitate conversation and share information and ideas. As part of this course, I recently participated in the Spring Cancer Screening Symposium, where experts presented a number of studies and new protocols in relation to cancer screening for a variety of cancers including skin, lung, breast, prostate and pancreatic. The seminar is an example of external dissemination because the method of sharing information was open to a large audience outside the organization. According to the Rural Health Information Hub (2018), other examples of external dissemination include reaching out to city or county health professionals, health associations, universities or charitable organizations, schools and faith-based organizations. Methods of communication may include social networking, pamphlets, DVD’s, press releases or health fairs. There are many ways to gwet the word out, especailly in the day of electronic media and social networking. The methods to get the word can go as far as your imagination carries you.


Hanrahan, K., Marlow, K., Aldrich, C., and Hiatt, A. (2010). Dissemination of nursing knowledge: tips and resources. The University of Iowa College of Nursing. Retrieved from

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a 175 word response also with source APA required

Response 3

Using internal and external dissemination is necessary in implementing EBP proposals by its positive influence on the process and help it be more successfully implemented. For my EBP proposal, one internal method would be to give s presentation with the management team at my home health organization. Since their team is made up of health care and management professionals they will have invaluable insight from different angles on how to go about the implementation process of the change proposal (Agency of Healthcare and Research Quality, 2013). Reporting to this internal group will also help control certain parameters of expansion the program may have. For instance, starting with several education courses to our patients families can be the initial stage of the implementation. After evaluating the success of these in various areas and with different patient needs, the management team can help determine what alterations will help it be more financially and medically successful. Having good patient outcomes is a priority but the management team can help determine how to make the program beneficial for the company as well. Communicating with the internal group would largely focus on presenting data on the number of patient families in attendance, the feedback from the families on their education benefits and competency to provide care, and on evaluation of the patients health over a 3-6 month span. Using this information along with the costs of the program will help to enhance and improve the method of education provided by the program. Using external methods would help to get an outside perspective and think of ways to better the presentation of the education to the families. Communicating with an external group such as the public health center in my neighborhood would help create a plan based on previous successful programs (AHRQ, 2013). Since the public and community health programs would be designed to be low cost and reach different demographics, their influence would be beneficial in helping create a good model for our organizations education program. Communicating with the external group would mostly be brainstorming and expanding on ideas to improve the process as well as getting input on previous successful methods. Getting both internal and external dissemination methods helps to increase the awareness and helps produce the most effective program possible.


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