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Accounting homework help

Accounting homework help.

In order to allow us to continue exploring this interesting and important topic, Interviews and Deception, I have posted a recorded presentation from a retired law enforcement officer and expert on Interviewing Skills.  Doug Cash frequently trains law enforcement officers regarding interview skills and identifying signs of deception.  Please review the video and participate in the discussion this week, as outlined below:
Discussion participation requirements:
1) After reviewing the video, prepare a two-to-three paragraph response, discussing your top two or three takeaways from the video, as well as anything that stood out to you in our class lecture/discussion.  Please post your initial post by Saturday to ensure maximum credit.
2) Post at least three substantive responses to other students’ responses to facilitate discussion and discovery.
3) You will not be able to see other students’ posts until after you post your initial contribution.  After that, you can respond to other students’ posts.  Initial posts earlier in the week will receive more points; students who wait to post their initial response during that last two days of the discussion will receive fewer points.
4) The recorded presentation is included under Course Documents/Interviews and Deception.  Below is an overview of the videos contained in this folder, some of which we reviewed in class.
Video Resources (located under the Course Documents tab, in the Interviewing and Deception folder)
Please review these materials; I am confident you will find them interesting.  Following is a brief overview of the videos that will allow you to focus on what is of most interest to you:
Video 1 – Recorded presentation by Doug Cash, retired law enforcement and Manager, Forensic and Valuation Services for Eide Bailly in Denver, CO.
Video 2) Beyond the Numbers: Professional Interview Techniques – This video provides information about techniques for professional interviewing including the different stages and types of interview questions.  This video focuses more on the “how-to” of interviewing.

  • Introductory Questions
  • Informational Phase
  • Assessment Questions
  • Closing Questions
  • Admission-Seeking Questions
  • Summary

Video 3) Finding the Truth: Effective Techniques for Interview and Communication – This video focuses on assessing interviews and identifying non-verbal cues, including signs of deception, even in written statements.

  • Communication Analysis
  • Tones & Words
  • Listening
  • The Interview
  • Written Statements
  • Conclusion

Video 4) Lie to Me, Pilot Episode – This video is the pilot episode of the TV series that focused on the work of Dr. Paul Ekman, who conducted extensive studies of human emotions and reactions, and identified what he calls “micro-expressions”.  These uncontrollable, automatic biological reactions will telegraph many human emotions and stress, even if the subject thinks they are hidden.
****Video link:*****

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Accounting homework help


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