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Sociology Reflection Paper

The test that I took is referred to as the Implicit Association Test (IAT). The results that I got from my test indicated a moderate automatic association between high-fat-food and shameful and acceptable and Low-fat food. I got the results because I was moderately faster to respond when shameful and high-fat-food and acceptable and low-fat food was paired together than when acceptable and high-fat-food and shameful and shameful, and low-fat-food were paired together.

Receiving the results of the IAT has brought along feelings of both self-reinforcement and relief. From the results of the test, my implicit preferences have aligned with my explicit beliefs. When I received the results, I did not experience disbelief. It is normal for people to have defensiveness and disbelief pertaining to their results. Sometimes, one’s implicit biases are reasons behind denial that they may have towards who they are. I did not wonder whether the test result would be any different is I was moderately slower in responding or even faster.

I am a person who values eating healthy. I advocate for living healthy lives, reason as to why I responded faster when shameful and high-fat-food and acceptable and low-fat food were paired compared to the vice versa. Good nutrition is an imperative part of living a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding high-fat-food is essential in maintaining a healthy weight and minimizing chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, obesity, and high blood pressure. I am reluctant to reacting to acceptable fat foods since they get in the way of central human well-being and happiness. Accepting my test results will help me move steps further to achieve good health and help other people lead healthy lifestyles entirely.

There are various reasons why I am happy to accept the results of my test. There I was a time when I used to have rigid and restrictive eating patterns because I had a great fear of gaining weight. I had enormous concerns with my body image and how other people saw me physically. This resulted in many episodes of binge eating. I lost control and ended up gaining a lot of weight. This is what denial does to an individual. Once I came to terms with who I was, I got better and developed better eating habits. This is why today, it is relatively easy for me to come to terms with the test results.

After taking the test, there are some individuals who are likely to develop discomfort and fail to accept their results. This is very dangerous since uneasiness with the results that one gets can lead to uncertainty and questioning. However, becoming uncomfortable with the results is an indication that an individual is accepting the IAT results may be accurate. This calls for one to make great changes in their eating habits. I am able to accept my results since I have had time to understand myself and be contented with who I am. I am now leading a healthy lifestyle, and I am working towards being healthier.

Acceptance and the feelings of discomfort are a bigger and essential step for one to start fighting against bias and correcting it. I have always taken the time to look at what some of my biases show. I have understood that society shapes the biases that people develop with time. Fear of being judged by others is detrimental to an individual’s life and can hinder a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, one is now inclined to take the best action, which will lead them to accept their IAT test results the next time they take. Taking steps like deciding to lead healthy lifestyles will probably help with the discomfort and biases that one may experience with the results of various tests.


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